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What is the tree of life?
The Tree of Life is an important figure in Turkish and international cultural history. Sumerian, Hittites, Frijary, Central Asia, Persian, Romanian Byzantine, Islam, Seljuk and Ottoman cultures, found from a wide range and found its place.
In Turkish culture, Ağ Tree of Life dür is a figure that has existed since the creation of the world, stretching from the center of the earth to seven floors above the sky, Which symbolizes the spiritual relationship between the earth and heaven. The tree of life is also associated with the decline in Turkish culture. Human creation is usually explained by the appearance of a boy or hero from the sacred tree.

Products D Diriliş Ertuğrul diz, which are seen in more than 60 countries around the world and have won the admiration of millions, Waiting for you only in Anı Yüzük.
TRT1’de and 5 seasons for the leader of Wednesday’s series “The Resurrection Ertugrul” in the new season are preparing to appear in public in a completely different sense.

The main actors of the film Arejin Altan Doziatan, Esra Biljic, Cengiz Coşkun and Holia Darkan.

Ilbilge Hatun’s Tree of Life episode has been redesigned by Ani Ring according to the new story of the series.

Those who wish to endure the spirit of resurrection can only get this licensed product sponsored by Ani Ring.

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