Viaxi Intimate wipes to sterilize sensitive areas contain lactic acid, which helps protect the nature of the external environment of the vagina by maintaining the perfect acidity of the female genitalia.
A practical package that can be easily carried in the bag or car, Designed to rejuvenate a feeling of cleanliness and freshness and can be used before or after the sexual procedure.
Can be used when medically detecting gynecology, travel, After exercise, Menstruation and personal care as well.
The product has been tested by skin tests and is suitable for use during pregnancy and after the menstrual cycle.
Natural plants and flowers will accompany you throughout the day with fragrant and refreshing scents.

As it was examined by dermatologists, It is suitable for use during pregnancy and after menopause.

After opening the envelope, The genital area is gently scanned. Viaxi Intimate can be used whenever necessary. In case of any irritation, Stop using the product. For external use only.

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