Buckwheat bread/cake prepared from whole wheat buckwheat flour, Which are grown without pesticides by applying traditional agricultural methods, From local, genetically protected seeds of the Central Anatolia region and ground in a stone mill. It is produced to order.

Information about gluten-free cake:
What is gluten-free cake?

It is a cake made without using any ingredients that contain gluten. Such as wheat, barley and oat flour.

Why would you choose a gluten-free cake?

Celiac patients: Gluten is toxic to celiac disease patients. They should avoid all ingredients that contain it.
Gluten allergy: Some people suffer from an allergy to gluten, Which causes digestive, skin, or respiratory symptoms when ingested.
Diet: Some people choose to follow a gluten-free diet for health reasons or to lose weight.
What are the substitutes for wheat flour in gluten-free cake?

Rice flour: common alternative, Light and easy to use.
Corn Starch: It is often used with rice flour to improve texture.
Almond flour: Rich in protein and healthy fats, It has a distinctive flavour.
Coconut flour: Rich in dietary fiber, It has a coconut flavour.
Tapioca flour flour: A light and easy to digest alternative.
What are some tips for making a successful gluten-free cake?

Use high quality ingredients: Choose gluten-free flour that is fine and has a good texture.
Follow the recipe precisely: Do not change ingredients or quantities without knowing their effect on the result.
Mix the ingredients well: Make sure to mix all ingredients until completely combined.
Use a greased mould: To prevent the cake from sticking.
Bake the cake at the appropriate temperature: Follow recipe instructions carefully.
Allow the cake to cool completely before cutting it: This will help keep it from falling apart.
Here are some additional resources you may find helpful:

Gluten-free cake recipes:
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