Hafiz Mostafa Coffee by Hafez Mostafa, which is considered one of the finest types of coffee and still retains the same taste despite the passage of nearly 150


In addition, the set contains two cups of Hafez Mustafa brand with a luxury box that can be presented as a wonderful gift


  1. تحضر قهوة حافظ مصطفى باضافة ملعقتين صغيرتين من القهوة وملعقتين صغيرتين من السكر مع مقدار من الماء وتوضع جميعها في (الدلة).
  2. Stir the mixture carefully until sugar and coffee dissolve over low heat.
  3. When the mixture begins to boil, remove (the dallah) from the flame and put some of the face in each cup and put (dallah) again on the flame.
  4. Let the mixture of Hafez Mustafa boil again, keeping in mind that it does not fade and then serve the coffee in the cups.
  5. Do not stir Hafez Mustafa’s coffee mixture after pouring it into the cups as stirring may slightly alter the taste of the coffee



For more information about coffee and the history of Hafez Mustafa’s shop, read the following article

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