Mehmet Efendi Coffeehas a wonderful and delicious taste which is considered one of the best types of Turkish coffee, where many classify Mehmet Efendi coffee as the number one coffee in Turkey

why Mehmet Efendi Coffee ?

Mehmet Efendi coffee is famous in Turkey and the Arab world and the flavor of the coffee has been preserved for almost 150 years till today.

Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee is a lonely branch located in the Aminono area near the Egyptian market and the Grand Souk. The store is visited daily by thousands of Turkish coffee lovers.

Turkish Coffee Preparation:

Put 5-6 grams of coffee and 65 ml of water. Or use a cup of coffee to make a cup of coffee

How to make coffee Mohamed Effendi:

  • To prepare a cup of coffee Mohammed Effendi is added two teaspoons of coffee and two teaspoons of sugar with the amount of a cup of water and all placed in the

  • Stir the mixture carefully until sugar and coffee dissolve over low heat.

  • When Mehmet Effendi’s coffee mixture starts to boil, the dallah is raised from the flame and some of the face is placed in each cup and the (jazwa) is again placed on the flame.

  • Let Mehmet Efendi coffee mixture boil again, keeping in mind that it does not fizz and then serve coffee in the cups.

  • Do not stir Mehmet Effendi coffee mixture after pouring it into the cups, as the stirring may slightly alter the taste of Mehmet Effendi coffee





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