Turkish honey for men THEMRA is one of the best and the finest honey used in the treatment of ED and lack of sexual desire in men

It is also the number one product in all Arab countries, where it exports daily thousands of Turkish Honey Tonic for Men THEMRA



Why Turkish Honey

THEMRAis made from honey in addition to natural herbs which have a great role in increasing libido in men


THEMRA TURKEY HONEY FOR MEN is made from the Turkish company themra distinguished in making food products, including those that enter in the field of tonics such as honey



Ingredients Turkish THEMRA honey for men:


  1.   Turkish thistle blossom
  2. .Epimodium herb or goat
  3. .Ginseng root
  4. Turkish ruins Natura
  5. others



How to use Epimedium honey (Turkish honey for men – THEMRA) :


For the use of Turkish honey for men, take one teaspoon of Turkish honey for men THEMRA half an hour before the collective course




The product is not used for patients with diabetes, pressure and heart disease. The product is licensed by the Turkish state and is subject to Turkish specifications.




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