Collagen Beauty Shake Collagen Shake Drink Mix is ​​a dietary supplement containing Type I and III Collagen enriched with Green Tea Extract and Grape Seed Extract (Resveratrol), With innovative coverage technology from the “Voonka Collagen” family.
Collagen, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, grape seed extract (Resveratrol), and scent dissolve into the water at the bottom of the bottle. Vitamins C, E and B are present on the shell.
Collagen Beauty Chic?
Vitamin C , which increases the efficiency of collagen in the body, It starts to oxidize quickly and disrupts the structure of collagen after being mixed with water due to its nature. for this reason , causes a change in the taste of the product containing collagen, In addition to the low benefits that can be obtained from the product.
Our Collagen Shake Drink Mix contains the latest forms of Vitamins C, E and B in its own chamber inside the cap to prevent this oxidation and offers the ease of use with the single bottle.
how to use
Collagen Beauty Chic?
Twist the cap clockwise to the end so that the contents on the cap are poured into the bottle.
Shake vigorously to mix the ingredients evenly.
Then you can open the lid and sip your collagen shake