Moisturizes and helps soften dry, cracked feet. It is a practical product. Provides easy foot care by wearing them like socks. NB: It is not a peel off mask. It is a moisturizing care mask. Features Contains intensive extracts to care for tired feet from dryness and external factors, It also protects the moisture in the feet and helps soften them. Lemon extract helps prevent unwanted foot problems and makes you look healthy. Shea butter and argan oil intensely nourish the skin, soften it and give it a lively shine. Product content: The package includes 2 pieces of sock-type mask containing intense essence for foot care, It is enough to wear it like socks. before using the mask, Wash your feet and dry them with a towel. Be careful not to tear the mask, Take the mask out of the package and put it on. After 30 minutes , Remove the mask and gently pat the remaining gems on your skin. You can get better results if you apply it once or twice a week.

Weight 1 kg