Pharmaton food supplement for women 30 tablets for weight gain

Product Brand:

Item size:
30 tablets

Product benefits:
Pharmaton Essential Women contributes to daily essential nutritional needs with 12 vitamins and 6 minerals.
Suitable for women’s daily use.

It is recommended to take one tablet daily by adults.

Product composition:
volume enhancer (microcrystalline cellulose); magnesium oxide, ascorbic acid; Vitamin E [DL-alpha tocopheryl acetate, maltodextrin; antioxidant (sodium starch octenyl succinate); anti-caking (silicone dioxide)]; ferrous sulfate beta-tap [beta-carotene; antioxidants (sodium ascorbate; alpha-tocopherol)]; Coating agent [Nutrafinish (Volumizing): polyvinyl alcohol; Emulsifier: Polyethylene glycol Anti-caking: talk; Colorant: red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide)]; thickener (cross-linked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose); nicotinamide sodium selenite; zinc oxide; D- Pantothenate and Calcium. D-biotin manganese sulfate. pyridoxine hydrochloride, pteryl monoglutamic acid; Cyanocobalamin. thiamine mononitrate; Riboflavin copper sulfate. cholecalciferol. It is the trademark of the ingredient used as a coating agent in a lotion.