DRTAYYARÖZ Skin Whitening Cream 100 ml Are you ready to forget the creams you know? Mavi Yarrow is prepared with a unique formula with collagen, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, zinc and SPF 30+ sunscreen. The product consists of 100 ml. Developed by DRTAYYARÖZ brand. DRTAYYARÖZ skin whitening cream containing blue yarrow is effective in darkening the entire body later, Especially in the face, armpits, elbows and genital area. At the same time , It can be used on severe spots such as acne, young love , Sunspots. It aims to help unify skin tone. Thanks to the ingredients contained in its content, It provides foundation-like coverage from the moment you apply it and helps you achieve a natural white look and hide discolouration. With regular use, DRTAYYARÖZ Skin Whitening Cream helps improve the quality of skin texture and make it look like silk. You can send us all your questions about DRTAYYARÖZ Blue Yarrow Skin Whitening Spot Cream from Ask a Question section.