Shop from Turkey Turkish tea apricot for slimming and get you to the house and at the price of the Turkish market

The product (Turkish apricot tea for slimming) is from the famous Dogdan company in the turkish tea industry, including Turkish tea with apples for slimming where the company pays great attention to the field of slimming and slimming

Turkish apricot tea for slimming has an irresistible taste and is effective in the treatment of obesity where tea reduces the desire for food naturally and without any secondary symptoms


Turkish tea, including Turkish apple tea for slimming, is one of the most important and widespread beverages in the world. It is part of the culture of many peoples, Tea is known for its many benefits, And it tastes delicious, It contains many antioxidants, such as tannin, guanine, purine, and esters, like zanthin, caffeine, and important amino acids, And many metals, such as potassium, manganese, fluoride, carbohydrates, And polyphenols. Statistics show that the Turkish people are the most tea-consuming people in the world, The Turks also have a special way of making tea, make it a distinctive and delicious flavor, And they use special tools to prepare it.


How to prepare


We put water at the bottom of the Turkish jug- special teapot, And raise it on the fire until the water boils. Put a tablespoon of Turkish tea with apricots to slim In the upper section of the Turkish teapot, add boiling water to it. Add more water to the bottom of the jug, and simmer for 15 minutes, until the tea is soaked and ready at the top, due to the steam from the bottom. Add sugar to taste. Pour the tea into special serving cups, and add fresh mint leaves” to taste

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